Regional Jamborees 2024

Der AK International - bringt seit 2013 Kulturvielfalt und noch unbekannte Freunde in dein Leben!

Experience the world famous German Schwarzzeltromantik. Sit at the campfire in one of our big black tents and listen to the old songs all night long until you see the sunrise through the roof. Get to know the German way of scouting:

Join one of our Regional Jamborees 2024!

For example:

  • Bavaria: 18.-26.05.2024
  • Lower Saxonya: 17. – 21.05.2024

Below you can find more details as well as the contact information for the camps.

The best thing: If you are fast enough, you can apply for governmental funding. This funding can cover all camp-related costs – you would only need to cover your travel expanses. Our international camp teams are there to help you and your german host group to apply for these grants.


Lower-Saxony: “Drunter und drüber”

Do you love meeting scouts from different countries? You would like to get to know German Scouting culture? In this case, you are warmly invited to be part of a German scout camp and to join our next regional! We are the Lower Saxony regional association of the Bund der Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder (BdP). With the camp motto “Drunter und drüber” (which is a German way to say “chaotic”, but in a very cute way) we will gather for four days to play, sing, be creative, and have a good time together. As international guests, you will have a German host group to spend the camp with. After the camp, there will be one extra day to organize a fun activity with your German partner group in their home town, like for instance a homestay for one night. The main languages during the camp are going to be German and English. There is the possibility to access governmental funding for all camp related costs – you would only have to cover the travel expanses. To apply for these you need to register until 15.01.2024.

Camp Organiser BdP Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony)
Day of arrival 17.05.2024
Day of departure 21.05.2024
Location Almke Jugendzeltplatz, Volkmars-dorfer Straße 100, 38446 Wolfsburg
Participation age 10 – 16 years
Start of registration 01.12.2023
End of registration 31.03.2024
Contact Zoe Pasch
+49 1605913432

Requirements for international groups Be able to communicate in English. To apply for governmental funding register before 15.02.24



The bavarian reginoal jamboree will take place from 18.-26.05.2024.
More informations will follow shortly.


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